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The item(s) I ordered didn't work out, how can I return it?



  • Anne Erickson

    I bought a Christmas Garland in October with two other items.  My mistake was that I did mot open them until after the thirty day return period.  Two of then items were fine.  The third was total junk..  It was a nine foot garland with 50 lights.  The lights were very dim, the so called garland had a few very sparse “twigs” on it and at a “reduced” price of over $50.  I DID NOT use it at Christmas. Looked at it again and decided to inform you of the JUNK that it is.  Would be nice if you considered a refund at this late date, but I have no hope of that after reading all the complaints of poor service you have received. I am one of those customers who will not buy from Pier One again.  Not only is the product junk, your company now is a fraud.  Would be a huge surprise to hear from you!!  Anne Erickson

  • Chrissytaylor2877

    I ordered something November 3rd 2022 and February the 7th of 2023 is when they sent me something to apologize that I had not received it. It was a Christmas present for my sister and she still ask about it, I put in multiple, I do mean multiple incident reports about this trying to get my money back or get this tree. Oh December they sent me an email stating that it was backlogged or something the item was. You cannot call anyone on the phone, and basically all these Representatives do is pass it off to the next one and make more incident reports. And then they send you all kinds of emails wanting you to purchase things that they cannot send you or provide or give your money back in a timely manner. I can honestly say that since a month after I ordered the vine tree I've been in nothing but a nervous break and stress to the max because of these Representatives they're not doing their job at all. And then they're not wanting me to post a review and kept rejecting it over and over and over as they sent me an email requesting me to comment on a vine tree that I did not get, they wanted me to tell about the quality of it and stuff like I had it. But did not want me to make a comment about their negative and unprofessional, downright I don't even have words for this I cannot even put into words how horrible this is this is horrid. Sweet Jesus amen I'm done with my sermon now


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